Creating visual permanence in a world of relentless motion.

Spirit of a Landscape

Early morning, struggle to get gear into car – last of the coffee slides off the frozen roof.  Thus this trip to South Dakota began but all was not lost; an emergency Redbull stored in the fridge replaced spilled coffee, and my attempt to capture a more ethereal portrait of the landscape seems to have been successful.

Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_001 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_002 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_003 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_004 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_005 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_006 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_007 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_008 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_009 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_010

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