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New Photographs: Growing Cannabis in Colorado

It is always a treat for me to meet and photograph a skilled entrepreneur,  farmer or  artist as they work to create something that has the potential to elevate an industry, transform  sentiment or upturn convention.  Recently I had such an opportunity, making photographs inside a Good Meds medical cannabis cultivation facility here in Denver.   Growing Cannabis (marijuana) in Colorado isn’t new, but with the rapid approach of legal recreational marijuana being available to those so inclined (and over 21) from shops in Denver on Jan. 1st, attention on the subject has greatly increased.


Farming indoors is a feat I used to associate with survival in a post-apocalyptic movie.  But over the last few years I have witnessed substantial crops being raised in warehouses across Denver.  The photographs below are a few from an indoor Good Meds cultivation facility.  The combination of entrepreneurship, agricultural skills and craftsmanship on display there was wonderful to experience.  While complying with complex regulation they successfully grow a variety of strains and create a truly artisanal product.











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