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Black and White Wedding Photography

Congratulations to Linsdey and Josh!  Their wedding was beautiful and I’m honored they selected me to photograph such an important day for them.  They were married this August in the Denver Botanic Gardens and the reception followed at The Magnolia Hotel here in Denver, Colorado.

As you may know, I am accepting 5 weddings a year to photograph.  My background is in photojournalism and I continue to work regularly as a documentary, editorial photographer. So, I approach each wedding as an authentic wedding photojournalist, all the while understanding and appreciating the importance of capturing beautiful portraits of the couple and their family.

Below are my 6 favorite black and white photographs from the day. Yep, I used a camera set to capture in black and white.  I also used traditional high-end digital cameras and even created a few portraits using medium format film.An example of a black and white wedding photograph by Denver, Colorado based wedding photojournalist, Matthew Staver.

A black and white portrait of a bride and groom captured before their wedding ceremony at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

A black and white documentary photograph of the emotion of the bride before her wedding.

A black and white candid photograph of the bride and groom moments after their ceremony.

A black and white portrait of the bride and groom after their wedding ceremony in Denver, Colorado.

Photo ID #Denver_Photojournalist_Wedding_Photographer_006.jpg

If you are interested in having me photograph your wedding here in Colorado or abroad, don’t hesitate to give me a call or email.  I’d love to chat and see if we’d make a good fit!

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