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Corporate Photography

Car Photography in the Snow!

I had a wonderful assignment a little bit ago for GMC – here are a few from the day it was snowing on us here in the Colorado mountains.


Magazine Cover from a Photography shoot in Denver

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Marijuana Business Magazine for their current cover. As a photographer living here in Denver, I always enjoy this type of on-location executive portrait commission. The light, weather and backdrop are always changing but the thing that remains a constant is my goal to create a photograph that my client, subject and myself are all happy with.


New business portraits

I had a wonderful time meeting and photographing the team at Flitch Studios the other day here in the Denver area.  We made some environmental portraits and captured some documentary photography as they worked.  Their craftsmanship is amazing, and I’d LOVE to just sit in the chair they were working on at the time.

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New construction photos added

I’m pleased to share this new gallery of construction related photography at my online portfolio:

This is a gallery showcasing some of my recent photography work for construction, developer, hotel and contractor clients.  If you are a construction company with projects in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs or even into Wyoming, North Dakota or beyond that you wish to document or highlight, take a look.  Yep, I own a pair of broken in steel-toe boots, hard hat and other PPE.  I understand construction timelines and don’t mind taking off those boots when the project if finished and we head inside to photograph the finished interiors.


Portraits of a wind turbine technician in rural Colorado

Below are 3 portraits of a wind turbine technician in rural Colorado.  I brought out the lights for this final environmental portrait of Chris.  Earlier in the day we climbed up a turbine (basically a looooong ladder straight up the base) and walked around on top of the Nacelle.  That was something I have wanted to do for a long time…   now I’d love to rope-up and rappel down a blade 🙂



Inside a Marijuana Grow Facility

A few new photographs from inside a Cannabis (marijuana) grow facility in Colorado.

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Documentary photographs of amazing construction in Williston, North Dakota

Witnessing a crew creating a 32,000 sq ft. building in 6.5 days is the epitome of the entrepreneurship, grit and the staggering pace found in the oil boom area in North Dakota.  I can’t say that I enjoyed every moment of this project (the average temp. was 22.3 degrees!) but I absolutely enjoy the wild-west feeling and spirit of the Boomtown, and love working and making pictures there.  Williston_set_Staver_0027














Down the rabbit hole: photographs from in the mine

A recent assignment took me down the rabbit hole.  We were about 1/3 mile below the ground in Wyoming and used a modified jeep to travel from the shaft to the various locations in the mine we needed to photograph.