Creating visual permanence in a world of relentless motion.


Strobed Battle Photographs; Outside

A recent weekend of heavy combat, fencing, and other Medieval and Renaissance activities provided a prime opportunity to create some visually interesting photographs with my new Fujifilm X100s camera.  Combining the ability of the camera to sync with flash at shutter speeds faster than most cameras and this amazing event resulted in some interesting photographs.  All are .jpgs straight out of the camera – not even opened in Photoshop.





Occupy Denver photographs

A few photographs from a short afternoon documenting the Occupy Denver “day of action” protest as they moved from the City and County building through downtown periodically stopping traffic on busy streets and blocking major intersections.



To beat the storm

From heavy traffic to a lone barn – 3 visual treats from a quick trip made a few hours early in an attempt to beat the storm.

Topeka, IN —-> Flint, MI

What an amazing area and drive. A delayed flight home from a shoot in Topeka, IN + Flint, MI allows me to post this series of pictures from On The Road that I shot this week.  A great set of pictures for the Halloween season.

Documentary photographs of an onion harvest

I enjoy any opportunity to spend time in an agricultural setting – and this was no exception.

Teaser: pictures On The Road for two soon to be published assignments

I had to exit and drive by this church again

A nice surprise! – It made the cover

The magazine hired me to create an environmental portrait of Larry Gold at their Boulder, Colorado headquarters.  I knew there was the potential for this story -and a photograph from the shoot- to appear on the cover.  Because of that, I created 3 different lighting + location setups to give the magazine a variety of options to work from.  So, with some advanced planning, (I was able to read a draft of the article beforehand which allowed me to better integrate elements of the story into the photographs) Larry’s cooperation and a little luck, we made the cover.

A nice surpise

F.M. Light + Family

I had a great assignment to go to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and create a picture story surrounding the historic F.M. Light store, and family.  I didn’t have a lot of time, but made up for that with an early start and a little luck.  The following documentary style photographs are some of what I brought back.


2 on the ground, 1 in the air

I am finally about all caught up from my trip to Sun Valley, ID for an editorial photography shoot last week.  It was a long, fun and successful shoot.  I was part of a good team.

Here are a few pictures from On The Road.

A photograph showing great colors from yellow flowers to a bright blue skyThe view as we came into Denver, CO

The story behind the photograph

I am in the process of sending out a new promo piece.  This photograph is the dominant picture, and I want to share a bit of the story behind the picture.

Bob Cain, Forest Entomologist with the USFS, is standing in a section of forest about 40 miles west of Denver, Colorado, that was hit particularly hard by the mountain pine beetle. The mountain pine beetle, a species of bark beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae, is native to the forests here in the western United States.

If you look down by his feet, a young tree is still green, unharmed and growing.  This picture shows destruction at first glance, but also reveals a glimpse into the future.