Creating visual permanence in a world of relentless motion.


Portrait Photography of a chief justice, in the middle of the street

South Dakota’s Chief Justice, poses for a portrait with a sign he had made in the middle of a road near Pierre.  My picture editor was open to the idea, the Chief Justice was willing, and the result was a photograph that tells the story of a lack of lawyers in rural areas of the state in a visually interesting way.

LAWYERS_staver_072 LAWYERS_staver_083

New Portrait Commission: DAM Director

A wonderful recent commission to photograph the Denver Art Museum (DAM) Director, Christoph Heinrich, allowed for creative composition, less conservative lighting and the opportunity to craft some visually interesting portraits of an executive in one of my favorite buildings in Denver.  The biggest challenge during this shoot ended up a tie between the snow that began falling the moment we went outside for that portion of the shoot and the difficulty distilling such a complex and striking building into one or two portrait locations.



Black and White Portraits of Artists

I couldn’t hope for better subjects to capture in moody black and white portraits than talented artists. Below are portraits of 3 of Opera Colorado’s Young Artists.

Fun shoot made the magazine cover

I am pleased to share the August 2012 cover of Golf Business magazine with my photograph on the cover.  Yep – this is a real portrait made during an actual fireworks display on July 3rd.  And moving that huge buffalo head on a golf cart to the location  for the photograph they used as a spread inside sure did get me some interesting looks.  Happy August!

A nice surprise! – It made the cover

The magazine hired me to create an environmental portrait of Larry Gold at their Boulder, Colorado headquarters.  I knew there was the potential for this story -and a photograph from the shoot- to appear on the cover.  Because of that, I created 3 different lighting + location setups to give the magazine a variety of options to work from.  So, with some advanced planning, (I was able to read a draft of the article beforehand which allowed me to better integrate elements of the story into the photographs) Larry’s cooperation and a little luck, we made the cover.

A nice surpise

The story behind the photograph

I am in the process of sending out a new promo piece.  This photograph is the dominant picture, and I want to share a bit of the story behind the picture.

Bob Cain, Forest Entomologist with the USFS, is standing in a section of forest about 40 miles west of Denver, Colorado, that was hit particularly hard by the mountain pine beetle. The mountain pine beetle, a species of bark beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae, is native to the forests here in the western United States.

If you look down by his feet, a young tree is still green, unharmed and growing.  This picture shows destruction at first glance, but also reveals a glimpse into the future.

Barnes Dance in Denver no longer

The Barns Dance is no longer in Denver.  I raced downtown just in time to photograph a city worker covering the very last of these diagonal pedestrian crossing signals.  My task was to show the end of this diagonal crossing era, and maybe what these Barnes Dance intersection crossings, that originated here in Denver, actually are.

Basically, interesting pictures of people crossing the street.

This is an ideal story to illustrate with reportage style photography.  I looked for different angles, made arrangements to go back with a crew later in the evening and spent some time walking the streets of downtown Denver enjoying the occasion to do some traditional street photography.