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In The Yards photograph #4


The 110th National Western Stock Show (NWSS) held here in Denver, has concluded for the year. I spent most of the show in the historic yards again, adding to my documentary photography project, “In The Yards”, set there. Last year my focus was portraiture. This year I created reportage style documentary photographs. ©Matthew Staver All rights reserved. Do not copy, download, post or distribute. Photographer: Matthew Staver 303-916-6155

To see more from this project, a more comprehensive gallery is on my website:

Documentary photographs of an onion harvest

I enjoy any opportunity to spend time in an agricultural setting – and this was no exception.

The story behind the photograph

I am in the process of sending out a new promo piece.  This photograph is the dominant picture, and I want to share a bit of the story behind the picture.

Bob Cain, Forest Entomologist with the USFS, is standing in a section of forest about 40 miles west of Denver, Colorado, that was hit particularly hard by the mountain pine beetle. The mountain pine beetle, a species of bark beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae, is native to the forests here in the western United States.

If you look down by his feet, a young tree is still green, unharmed and growing.  This picture shows destruction at first glance, but also reveals a glimpse into the future.