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Amazing Drone Photographs

I have been commissioned to fly a few drone sessions at large construction sites here in Colorado recently.  My client wanted mostly HD video, but also a few photographs, too.  Below are two of the photographs that jumped out at me – what an amazing perspective the drone can offer!

Photo ID #DJI_0349.JPGcolorado_industrial_aerial_drone_video_photographer_002

Portraits of a wind turbine technician in rural Colorado

Below are 3 portraits of a wind turbine technician in rural Colorado.  I brought out the lights for this final environmental portrait of Chris.  Earlier in the day we climbed up a turbine (basically a looooong ladder straight up the base) and walked around on top of the Nacelle.  That was something I have wanted to do for a long time…   now I’d love to rope-up and rappel down a blade 🙂



Documentary photographs of amazing construction in Williston, North Dakota

Witnessing a crew creating a 32,000 sq ft. building in 6.5 days is the epitome of the entrepreneurship, grit and the staggering pace found in the oil boom area in North Dakota.  I can’t say that I enjoyed every moment of this project (the average temp. was 22.3 degrees!) but I absolutely enjoy the wild-west feeling and spirit of the Boomtown, and love working and making pictures there.  Williston_set_Staver_0027














Down the rabbit hole: photographs from in the mine

A recent assignment took me down the rabbit hole.  We were about 1/3 mile below the ground in Wyoming and used a modified jeep to travel from the shaft to the various locations in the mine we needed to photograph.