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A cute shark photograph

To ease into the weekend I thought I’d post 2 cute portraits I shot last week.  RMFSC_2013_Staver_0086


New Portrait Commission: DAM Director

A wonderful recent commission to photograph the Denver Art Museum (DAM) Director, Christoph Heinrich, allowed for creative composition, less conservative lighting and the opportunity to craft some visually interesting portraits of an executive in one of my favorite buildings in Denver.  The biggest challenge during this shoot ended up a tie between the snow that began falling the moment we went outside for that portion of the shoot and the difficulty distilling such a complex and striking building into one or two portrait locations.



Photojournalism – farming through the drought of 2012

Below is a portion of a series of photographs I created as part of a commission to document the relationship between agriculture and water.  2012 was a tough year to coax crops from the dry earth.  The drought coupled with high heat caused many crops across Colorado (and the nation) to fail.









Election Day 2012: Photographs from Colorado

It was a long 18+ hour Election Day for me here in Colorado, but I would have been disappointed if I wasn’t in the middle of it all for the duration.  Below are a few of the documentary style photographs I made throughout the day beginning in the hard-fought Arapahoe County town of Byers and finishing in the Republican Party gathering in Denver.

A set of moody landscape photographs capturing a bit of the soul of any place miles from town.

These are part of my ongoing series, On The Road, and showcase a place I love – any place miles from town.


Fun shoot made the magazine cover

I am pleased to share the August 2012 cover of Golf Business magazine with my photograph on the cover.  Yep – this is a real portrait made during an actual fireworks display on July 3rd.  And moving that huge buffalo head on a golf cart to the location  for the photograph they used as a spread inside sure did get me some interesting looks.  Happy August!

Moody portraiture

Two of my favorite portraits from a recent assignment.  I love the mood and tone created by each.