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New OTR photographs – The spaces and places in between

Below is another addition to my ongoing project, On The Road; a series of non-manipulated photographs capturing the essence of a landscape in a very non-traditional way.  Often my work takes me to remote or rural locations that require hours of driving to reach.  The spaces and places in between offer their beauty as the miles roll by.  With these photographs I hope to capture a bit of the soul of the land I pass and a glimpse into the lives lived upon it.













Strobed Battle Photographs; Outside

A recent weekend of heavy combat, fencing, and other Medieval and Renaissance activities provided a prime opportunity to create some visually interesting photographs with my new Fujifilm X100s camera.  Combining the ability of the camera to sync with flash at shutter speeds faster than most cameras and this amazing event resulted in some interesting photographs.  All are .jpgs straight out of the camera – not even opened in Photoshop.





Spirit of a Landscape

Early morning, struggle to get gear into car – last of the coffee slides off the frozen roof.  Thus this trip to South Dakota began but all was not lost; an emergency Redbull stored in the fridge replaced spilled coffee, and my attempt to capture a more ethereal portrait of the landscape seems to have been successful.

Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_001 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_002 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_003 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_004 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_005 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_006 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_007 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_008 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_009 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_010

Landscape Photographs created my way

A moment before the long drive begins, I sit in my car and look at a map, or a map I’ve scribbled on the back of an old The Far Side page-a-day calendar or conjure up a map in my brain.    I preset my camera to the settings I believe will be most likely to capture the mood of the landscape that lies ahead, or maybe best embody the mood of the driver.  And as the car turns down the road, and the miles accumulate I hope to bring home something from On The Road.




Moody Landscape Photographs

Another two reasons I love this part of the country.  Here two moody landscape photographs I captured recently during a trip up to the oil boom area of North Dakota and Montana attempt to capture a bit of the beauty there.  These are part of my ongoing OTR project.



The disappearing agrarian landscapes of Colorado’s Front Range

I used to drive I-25 to and from Denver and Fort Collins every week.  There was a stretch of close to 50 miles where a subdivision was not to be seen; corn, sunflowers and cows ruled the land.  Today much of that agrarian land has been planted with rows of houses.  Below are 6 photographs I captured of those disappearing agricultural landscapes during a drive home from Wyoming.












Hope for more of this in 2013

The sky is turning from black to blue, the street lights click off and people begin to stir outside as I sit drinking my first cafe-bought coffee of the New Year selecting photographs for a blog post showing destruction and hardship from the drought.  But first I wanted to offer this photograph, an addition to my growing OTR (On The Road) project, as hope not just for a less dry year but general hope for prosperity and a lack of smiting from the powers that be.


Black and White Portraits of Artists

I couldn’t hope for better subjects to capture in moody black and white portraits than talented artists. Below are portraits of 3 of Opera Colorado’s Young Artists.

A set of moody landscape photographs capturing a bit of the soul of any place miles from town.

These are part of my ongoing series, On The Road, and showcase a place I love – any place miles from town.


Photographs from the days after the Aurora Theater Shooting

Below are some of the photographs I captured during the days following the shooting at the theater in Aurora, Colorado.  A terrible thing to happen, a difficult assignment to photograph, but I believe these photographs begin convey the emotions and strength of the community.


Dramatic Ice Skating Photographs

Ice Shows like the one the following pictures are from are always fun to watch.  But for me, the treat of this show was access.  I was able to sit on the ice, quite chilly, but that vantage point allowed for some truly dramatic and unique photographs.



Fire camp photograph on cover of The New York Times today

I had a great time in Arizona this week photographing a wildland fire camp.  A perfect setting for an interesting documentary style photo story.   Many, many thanks to all who helped make this assignment and shoot possible.

Down the rabbit hole: photographs from in the mine

A recent assignment took me down the rabbit hole.  We were about 1/3 mile below the ground in Wyoming and used a modified jeep to travel from the shaft to the various locations in the mine we needed to photograph.



Photos from On The Road – Hong Kong

Here’s a quick set of new pictures from my OTR series.  A new twist here as these were taken from public transportation.  All were shot during a quick ride on Hong Kong’s tram (apparently the only exclusively double-decker tram line still in operation in the world)

An entire photo book could be shot in this fashion while riding the tram  *hint, hint, to any ambitious photo editors out there – I’d love to go back… 🙂 *

Gritty documentary photography of a Birthday BBQ

Maybe an odd subject for gritty documentary photographs, but the lighting and texture of the wall + home created an environment that encouraged these.

Moody landscape photographs – from OTR

Here are two moody pictures to add to the OTR collection.  Shot while driving up to South Dakota on assignment.

Moody portraiture

Two of my favorite portraits from a recent assignment.  I love the mood and tone created by each.



Topeka, IN —-> Flint, MI

What an amazing area and drive. A delayed flight home from a shoot in Topeka, IN + Flint, MI allows me to post this series of pictures from On The Road that I shot this week.  A great set of pictures for the Halloween season.