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(final) new photograph – In The Yards


To see more from this project, a more comprehensive gallery is on my website:


In The Yards – new documentary photograph added


To see more from this project, a more comprehensive gallery is on my website:

In The Yards – washing


To see more from this project, a more comprehensive gallery is on my website:

Documentary Photography of Denver’s Stock Show

The 110th National Western Stock Show (NWSS) held here in Denver, has concluded for the year.  I spent most of the show in the historic yards again, adding to my documentary photography project set there.  Last year my focus was portraiture. This year I created reportage style documentary photographs of “In The Yards”.

I hope to post one photograph from this new collection of photographs every few days.  Below is the first, a photograph of Klay leading a bull to get some exercise as the sun sets.


To see more from this project a full gallery is on my website here:


Photographs from tornado in Moore, Oklahoma

I spent 2 days on the ground photographing the aftermath of the tornado that tore through parts of Oklahoma City and Moore, Oklahoma on Monday, May 20th, 2013.  Below are a handful of the photographs ranging from aerial photographs captured near sunset the day after to residents and volunteers salvaging items of sentiment and value from destroyed homes and views inside Plaza Towers Elementary School.

Oklahoma_Tornado_500 Oklahoma_Tornado_501 Oklahoma_Tornado_502 Oklahoma_Tornado_503 Oklahoma_Tornado_504 Oklahoma_Tornado_505 Oklahoma_Tornado_506 Oklahoma_Tornado_507 Oklahoma_Tornado_508 Oklahoma_Tornado_509 Oklahoma_Tornado_510 Oklahoma_Tornado_511 Oklahoma_Tornado_512 Oklahoma_Tornado_513 Oklahoma_Tornado_514 Oklahoma_Tornado_515 Oklahoma_Tornado_516

Election Day 2012: Photographs from Colorado

It was a long 18+ hour Election Day for me here in Colorado, but I would have been disappointed if I wasn’t in the middle of it all for the duration.  Below are a few of the documentary style photographs I made throughout the day beginning in the hard-fought Arapahoe County town of Byers and finishing in the Republican Party gathering in Denver.

Reportage style photographs of Meeker, CO

A set of documentary, or reportage style photographs of Meeker, Colorado – an energy boom town now experiencing the bust.  It’s a great little town, a place I’d enjoy spending more time in.