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Rainy drive home = new moody landscape photographs







6 photographs at the intersection of man & nature

Another day began, as many promising days do, with myself in an unfamiliar car and rural miles extending ahead as far as I can see.  On this day the dreary morning was welcome; rain for the ranchers and farmers I was passing by and would soon meet is so deeply needed here.








3 new non-traditional landscape photographs

3 new non-traditional landscape photographs attempting to capture an ethereal portrait of the landscape.






Spirit of a Landscape

Early morning, struggle to get gear into car – last of the coffee slides off the frozen roof.  Thus this trip to South Dakota began but all was not lost; an emergency Redbull stored in the fridge replaced spilled coffee, and my attempt to capture a more ethereal portrait of the landscape seems to have been successful.

Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_001 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_002 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_003 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_004 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_005 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_006 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_007 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_008 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_009 Spirit_of_Landscape_Staver_010

Landscape Photographs created my way

A moment before the long drive begins, I sit in my car and look at a map, or a map I’ve scribbled on the back of an old The Far Side page-a-day calendar or conjure up a map in my brain.    I preset my camera to the settings I believe will be most likely to capture the mood of the landscape that lies ahead, or maybe best embody the mood of the driver.  And as the car turns down the road, and the miles accumulate I hope to bring home something from On The Road.




The disappearing agrarian landscapes of Colorado’s Front Range

I used to drive I-25 to and from Denver and Fort Collins every week.  There was a stretch of close to 50 miles where a subdivision was not to be seen; corn, sunflowers and cows ruled the land.  Today much of that agrarian land has been planted with rows of houses.  Below are 6 photographs I captured of those disappearing agricultural landscapes during a drive home from Wyoming.












OTR – photos of a cowboy + a home

I was stuck behind a cattle drive – honest!  The cowboy in the photograph broke off from the group, riding ahead through a field. 

A set of moody landscape photographs capturing a bit of the soul of any place miles from town.

These are part of my ongoing series, On The Road, and showcase a place I love – any place miles from town.


Snowy + Cold

A few pictures captured while on my way to and from a photo shoot in Steamboat last week.

To beat the storm

From heavy traffic to a lone barn – 3 visual treats from a quick trip made a few hours early in an attempt to beat the storm.

Topeka, IN —-> Flint, MI

What an amazing area and drive. A delayed flight home from a shoot in Topeka, IN + Flint, MI allows me to post this series of pictures from On The Road that I shot this week.  A great set of pictures for the Halloween season.

Documentary photographs of an onion harvest

I enjoy any opportunity to spend time in an agricultural setting – and this was no exception.

I had to exit and drive by this church again

F.M. Light + Family

I had a great assignment to go to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and create a picture story surrounding the historic F.M. Light store, and family.  I didn’t have a lot of time, but made up for that with an early start and a little luck.  The following documentary style photographs are some of what I brought back.


On The Road – photography in transit

This is the first installment of an occasional series of pictures taken while on the road.  Literally.  I often have the opportunity to drive from my home in Denver to surrounding states for an assignment.  Most of the time I drive alone, sometimes I carpool with a reporter or the subject of the story.  But on every trip the landscape flies by.  And these pictures from On The Road are but a slice of what the Rocky Mountain West has to offer.

The Old Dog House in Florissant, Colorado

Pam and Sindy run The Old Dog House, a sanctuary for older dogs who would otherwise be homeless and unlikely to be adopted.  This is truly a fantastic place for an older canine to live out his or her last years.  They live off the grid in a cozy home in Florissant, CO and they let me spend the morning photographing them at play. (well, the dogs were playing, Pam and Sindy seem to have an endless list of chores and a lot of dog poop to scoop)