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As the Cadets Pass

The 16th Street Mall turned 30! – here is some street photography

It was a great assignment; spend the morning capturing The Mall on its 30th birthday.  As always, I would have loved to spend more time with this, but here are several of the reportage style street photographs I was able to capture that morning to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 16th Street Mall.

Fun Photographs from the hottest day ever recorded in Denver

Tuesday’s official high of 105 degrees tied the record for the hottest day ever recorded in Denver, Colorado.  It also marked the fifth straight day of temps above 100 degrees, tying that record as well.  I made these photographs of kids cooling off this week to hopefully bring a smile to your face, and provide a bit of a break from the heat and wildfires surrounding Colorado.

Rick Santorum in Colorado

Former Penns­ylvan­ia Sen. Rick Santo­rum, a candi­date for the Repub­lican presi­denti­al nomin­ation, spent some time in Colorado recently.  I spent some time photographing some of that time.  Below are some of the more visually interesting photographs.

Occupy Denver photographs

A few photographs from a short afternoon documenting the Occupy Denver “day of action” protest as they moved from the City and County building through downtown periodically stopping traffic on busy streets and blocking major intersections.



Barnes Dance in Denver no longer

The Barns Dance is no longer in Denver.  I raced downtown just in time to photograph a city worker covering the very last of these diagonal pedestrian crossing signals.  My task was to show the end of this diagonal crossing era, and maybe what these Barnes Dance intersection crossings, that originated here in Denver, actually are.

Basically, interesting pictures of people crossing the street.

This is an ideal story to illustrate with reportage style photography.  I looked for different angles, made arrangements to go back with a crew later in the evening and spent some time walking the streets of downtown Denver enjoying the occasion to do some traditional street photography.