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New OTR photographs from Wyoming road trip

A last minute assignment took me up to Gillette, Wyoming earlier this week.  Here are a few of the new OTR photos from the 750+ mile round-trip!






Down the rabbit hole: photographs from in the mine

A recent assignment took me down the rabbit hole.  We were about 1/3 mile below the ground in Wyoming and used a modified jeep to travel from the shaft to the various locations in the mine we needed to photograph.



To beat the storm

From heavy traffic to a lone barn – 3 visual treats from a quick trip made a few hours early in an attempt to beat the storm.

On The Road – photography in transit

This is the first installment of an occasional series of pictures taken while on the road.  Literally.  I often have the opportunity to drive from my home in Denver to surrounding states for an assignment.  Most of the time I drive alone, sometimes I carpool with a reporter or the subject of the story.  But on every trip the landscape flies by.  And these pictures from On The Road are but a slice of what the Rocky Mountain West has to offer.