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Portraiture of Essential Workers during the Pandemic

Photo ID #STA_6002.PSD

I am an editorial and commercial photographer and in one week in March, all of my work was either postponed for months or canceled for the year. My roots are in photojournalism, and so I felt compelled to try to fill this professional void by creating a body of work to capture what we all were experiencing as the COVID-19 pandemic swept through and upended our community and economy.

Signs of gratitude for grocery store workers and delivery drivers are chalked in the streets by children, and neighbors stand on their front porches each evening at 8 to howl in support of these and other essential workers. I, however, wanted to see and document people who are not asked to participate in the national discussion about the coronavirus or pandemic policies, and yet put themselves in harm’s way to keep doing their work as doctors, nurses, caregivers, grocers, cops, builders and bus drivers.

I wanted to give them a voice, to share their stories and articulate something that maybe we didn’t know.

I asked two friends who are ER doctors if they thought this work could be done safely, and if they felt it would be worth the time sacrifice and increased risk for health care workers to be photographed. They gave positive feedback and helped craft a safety protocol that I used to minimize risk to both me and the people I photographed.

Time was tight for each portrait session and there was no reporter or assistant with me. I set up my camera on a tripod (this also assured I would not wander too close to the subjects) and equipped it with a remote. I had printed the questions on sheets of paper and would trigger the camera as I wrote down their stories.

All of the portraits were taken during lockdown for that community, beginning on April 15 and finishing on May 5.

I hope that this work will be looked back on in 50 or 100 years in the way we now look back to the Depression-era photography work created for the Farm Security Administration. Perhaps it will remind us what we collectively went through, or will be used to teach new generations what these men and women were actually thinking during this upheaval. But right now, I hope these portraits inspire you to be kind to one another. To see the woman working in the grocery store, or the bus driver or police officer, as a fellow human going through this, just like you.


Check out the interactive gallery here:

July Guideposts Magazine cover is out!

Happy to share my July Guideposts cover story with Kirstie Ennis. She is a wonderful person with an amazing story/attitude. Check it out in print if you can! (their online version is here)

Magazine Cover GP_July2018_Cover Story GP_July2018_ inside spread

New Portraits of an Opera Singer

Congratulations to Bass baritone Andrew Hiers, recently awarded the annual Norblom Award by Opera Colorado. Because of his selection for the award we did a portrait session.  Andrew is a great human, and a pleasure to photograph. I hope you get the opportunity to hear him sing some day.

Photo ID #MAS_4966r.JPGPhoto ID #MAS_5114rBW.JPGPhoto ID #MAS_5145rBW.JPGPhoto ID #MAS_5158rBW.JPGPhoto ID #MAS_5169rBW.JPGPhoto ID #MAS_5225rBW.JPGPhoto ID #MAS_4736rBW.JPGPhoto ID #MAS_4872rBW.JPGPhoto ID #IMG_4448r.JPGOpera_Colorado_Portrait_Headshot_Photographer_Artist_Denver_005

Wedding Photography for The New York Times

I was recently assigned by The New York Times to photograph a wedding here in Denver for their Style section.  The piece was in the Sunday paper here.  It was an interesting endeavor to photograph a wedding and not be “the wedding photographer”.  It was also a pleasure meeting Harley and Brooke and I appreciate them allowing me to be a part of this day with them.  And BTW, The Clyfford Still Museum is an amazing building. Here are a few of the outtakes from the day.

Photo ID #IMG_9340r.JPGPhoto ID #IMG_9507r.JPGPhoto ID #IMG_9600r.JPGPhoto ID #IMG_9582r.JPGPhoto ID #IMG_9885r.JPGPhoto ID #IMG_9953r.JPGPhoto ID #IMG_9848r.JPGPhoto ID #IMG_0398r.JPGPhoto ID #IMG_0190r.JPGPhoto ID #MAS_2423r.JPG

Magazine Cover from a Photography shoot in Denver

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Marijuana Business Magazine for their current cover. As a photographer living here in Denver, I always enjoy this type of on-location executive portrait commission. The light, weather and backdrop are always changing but the thing that remains a constant is my goal to create a photograph that my client, subject and myself are all happy with.


New Portraits from a ranch in Colorado

The magazine finally came out, the embargo passed, and I’m eager to share these portraits I shot in rural Colorado.  Glenda is a pleasure to spend time with, and I believe she raises some of the best cared-for cattle in the country.

Portrait of a Woman Rancher in ColoradoPortrait 2 of a woman rancher in ColoradoColorado Agricultural Portrait Photography Woman 1Portrait 3 of Colorado RancherDocumentary Photograph of Woman Rancher in Colorado

Empowering Portrait in Colorado

I was hired to photograph Julinda for a health care publication at her home in the Front Range here in Colorado. I always enjoy meeting and photographing real people (a much more authentic and engaging experience and portrait than a model portraying some character) and Julinda was a pleasure to meet and work with.

Black and White Patient Portrait

Moody, Powerful Athlete Portraits

Troy Isley just won a bronze medal at the AIBA world championships in Hamburg. I was commissioned to photograph him before he left Colorado. He is a great human;  someone to watch and root for all the way (think Tokyo 2020).  Congratulations Troy!

Powerful Boxer Portrait of Troy IsleyPortrait of boxer Troy Isley after his workout

Portraits of an Olympic Silver Medalist

Portrait of Olympic MarathonerOlympic Marathoner TrainingOlympic athlete training in ArizonaCandid Portrait of Olympic RunnerMoody Portrait of Olympic RunnerI had a fantastic assignment recently to spend the day with Ethiopian marathoner  and Olympic silver medalist, Feyisa Lilesa.  He now lives in Arizona, not returning to his homeland after finishing second in Rio and displaying a protest gesture as he crossed the finish line, for fear of what might happen to him upon his return.

New, Important Magazine Cover

I’m eager to share the current cover of Headwaters Magazine with my photograph of Amanda and her daughter in their home in Security, Colorado. Their water supply was recently reported as contaminated and Amanda and family (as well as most everyone else in their community) had been drinking from that contaminated tap for years.  Now they rely on bottled water.  Read the entire magazine here.


Colorado Mountain Portrait

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and photograph actress Katie Barberi this fall here in Colorado.  She was willing to head to a location I had scouted earlier in the day and even traipse through the woods a bit to stand in what looked like an odd choice for a portrait.  However, I’m glad she trusted me and was willing, because that location and her cooperation made the best photographs of the afternoon.


Yes, I am a licensed and insured commercial drone pilot :)

My friend Joe asked me to write up a quick blog post for him at his Mirrorless Photo Tips blog about what it takes to get a commercial drone pilot license.  Here is a link to that post:

And indeed, I am a licensed, insured commercial drone pilot available for hire (think video or aerial photography of a large construction project, industrial sites or even scenic real estate photography) here in the Denver area, throughout Colorado or anywhere, really.

Photo ID #DJI_0012ra.JPG

Black and White Wedding Photography

Congratulations to Linsdey and Josh!  Their wedding was beautiful and I’m honored they selected me to photograph such an important day for them.  They were married this August in the Denver Botanic Gardens and the reception followed at The Magnolia Hotel here in Denver, Colorado.

As you may know, I am accepting 5 weddings a year to photograph.  My background is in photojournalism and I continue to work regularly as a documentary, editorial photographer. So, I approach each wedding as an authentic wedding photojournalist, all the while understanding and appreciating the importance of capturing beautiful portraits of the couple and their family.

Below are my 6 favorite black and white photographs from the day. Yep, I used a camera set to capture in black and white.  I also used traditional high-end digital cameras and even created a few portraits using medium format film.An example of a black and white wedding photograph by Denver, Colorado based wedding photojournalist, Matthew Staver.

A black and white portrait of a bride and groom captured before their wedding ceremony at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

A black and white documentary photograph of the emotion of the bride before her wedding.

A black and white candid photograph of the bride and groom moments after their ceremony.

A black and white portrait of the bride and groom after their wedding ceremony in Denver, Colorado.

Photo ID #Denver_Photojournalist_Wedding_Photographer_006.jpg

If you are interested in having me photograph your wedding here in Colorado or abroad, don’t hesitate to give me a call or email.  I’d love to chat and see if we’d make a good fit!

On Assignment for Washington Post Magazine

My first assignment for The Washington Post Magazine went well.  I photographed Senator Bennet and his family as he was in Colorado for the long holiday.  We did some reportage and one family portrait.  Here is the result:  (there are some reportage photographs in the magazine as well, I just don’t have a paper copy yet of my own to photograph and share)


(final) new photograph – In The Yards


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In The Yards – new documentary photograph added


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In The Yards – washing


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New photograph In The Yards


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In The Yards (new photography)


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In The Yards


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In The Yards (a new documentary photograph)


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In The Yards


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In The Yards (new) photograph #6


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In The Yards photograph #5


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